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Social Media and Communications


Blogs, or web logs, are online diaries where users write entries and interact with readers through their feedback. Many blogging sites provide free services, including at Blogger and Wordpress. GeoLog, the official EGU blog, is hosted by Wordpress.

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Twitter is a social networking and micro-blogging site, where members broadcast short messages of up to 140 characters. You can post links and pictures on Twitter and re-broadcast ("re-tweet") interesting "tweets" from others. Hashtags are used to categorise conversations. EGU's official Twitter feed is @EuroGeosciences.

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These are social networking services and websites, where members can share updates, information, pictures and videos with their friends/people in their circles/connections. You must register on these websites to create a profile and connect to other users. The EGU has official Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn pages, which are used to share news and updates about the Union.

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This is a video-sharing website. EGU's official YouTube page is used to share short videos about Union's activities.